There are two ways that parties can resolve their disputes:

  1. by agreement
  2. by Court ruling

Mediation is all about helping the parties reach their own agreement. Mediation involves an independent third party called the Mediator. It is the Mediator’s role to assist the parties in reaching a voluntary agreement. The Mediator does not decide how the dispute should be resolved.

Mediation has a number of advantages over litigation:

  • mediation is less expensive and less time consuming
  • mediation is confidential whereas litigation is public
  • mediation leaves control of the outcome in the hands of the disputing parties rather than in the hands of a Judge
  • mediation may allow solutions that a Court cannot offer
  • mediation can extend beyond restrictive legal issues and may allow parties to repair or preserve ongoing relationships.

Best Practice Lawyers can offer qualified mediators as well as trained and experienced lawyers to represent parties at mediation.