The members of Best Practice Lawyers (BPL) are committed to excellence – not only in their legal capability, but in ensuring that their clients receive the highest quality service. This is a commitment made by many law firms but few understand what it means, let alone achieve it.

Best Practice Lawyers originated in 1995 when participants in an extensive three-month Total Quality Management course decided to change the culture of their legal practices. There are now 15 member firms all of whom practise law with a service oriented culture.

Many of the firms have quality accreditation to either the ISO 9000  standard or the Law 9000 standard and have won business awards based on the quality of product and quality of service. ISO 9000  and Law 9000 are quality management standards that aim to increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction by increasing productivity, reducing unnecessary costs and ensuring quality of processes and services.

Unusually for the legal profession, the members of BPL freely collaborate to assist each other and in turn their clients. They share precedents and other resources freely. They assist each other with difficult legal problems with the benefit that the client is obtaining top-end legal advice without paying top-end fees. Most importantly, the members share resources to assist in the development and smooth running of their respective practices including the training of their staff, which again benefits the clients of BPL members.

All Best Practice Lawyers have access to the invaluable expertise of Garry Barnsley OAM.  Garry has remained a member of Best Practice Lawyers since he retired from legal practice in 2011 and his experience and wisdom are often called upon.